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Nora Gedgaudas - Primal Body, Primal Mind

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Nora Gedgaudas - Primal Body, Primal Mind
Автор:Nora Gedgaudas
Название:Primal Body, Primal Mind. Изначальное тело, изначальный разум
Издательство:Healing Arts Press
ISBN: 978-1-59477-939-8
Формат: ePub
Размер: 12МВ

Научно-популярное издание, посвященное в основном вопросам питания по диетам типа "Палео" и "Праймал".
Combining your body’s Paleolithic needs with modern nutritional and medical research for complete mind-body wellness
• Provides sustainable diet strategies to curb sugar cravings, promote fat burning and weight loss, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and moods, increase energy and immunity, and enhance memory and brain function
• Shows how our modern diet leads to weight gain and “diseases of civilization”--such as cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and ADD
• Explains how diet affects the brain, hormone balance, and the aging process and the crucial role of vitamin D in cancer and disease prevention
Examining the healthy lives of our pre-agricultural Paleolithic ancestors and the marked decline in stature, bone density, and dental health and the increase in birth defects, malnutrition, and disease following the implementation of the agricultural lifestyle, Nora Gedgaudas shows how our modern grain- and carbohydrate-heavy low-fat diets are a far cry from the high-fat, moderate-protein hunter-gatherer diets we are genetically programmed for, leading not only to lifelong weight gain but also to cravings, mood disorders, cognitive problems, and “diseases of civilization”--such as cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), heart disease, and mental illness.
Applying modern discoveries to the basic hunter-gatherer diet, she culls from vast research in evolutionary physiology, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, and chronic and degenerative disease to unveil a holistic lifestyle for true mind-body health and longevity. Revealing the primal origins and physiological basis for a high-fat, moderate-protein, starch-free diet and the importance of adequate omega-3 intake--critical to our brain and nervous system but sorely lacking in most people’s diets--she explains the nutritional problems of grains, gluten, soy, dairy, and starchy vegetables; which natural fats promote health and which (such as canola oil) harm it; the crucial role of vitamin D in cancer and disease prevention; the importance of saturated fat and cholesterol; and how diet affects mental health, memory, cognitive function, hormonal balance, and cellular aging. With step-by-step guidelines, recipes, and meal recommendations, this book offers sustainable strategies for a primally based, yet modern approach to diet and exercise to reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight, improve sleep and mood, increase energy and immunity, enhance brain function, save money on groceries, and live longer and happier.


Cover Image
Title Page
Cautionary Note and Disclaimer
Illustration Permissions
Foreword by Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.
Foreword by Brent Pottenger
Primal Body

Chapter 1 • A Look at Where Our Dietary Requirements Originated
The Prehistoric Food Pyramid the USDA (and Other Vested Interests) Didn’t Want You to See
Are Genes Really Everything They’re Cracked Up to Be?
Chapter 2 • So, What’s for Dinner?
Chapter 3 • Grains: Are They Really a Health Food?
Gluten: A “Cereal Killer”
Opening the Floodgates
Healing the Gluten-Ravaged Gut
Celiac Disease: More Common Than Ever?
Testing for Gluten Sensitivity
The Nitty-Gritty of Going Gluten-Free
Chapter 4 • So What about Soy?
Additional Concerns (As If All That Wasn’t Bad Enough)
Continued Still . . . Believe It or Not
Still More Bad News
Chapter 5 • Digestion and Nutrient Assimilation: A North-to-South Journey
Going from Bad to Worse
So, Why Don’t I Have Enough Hydrochloric Acid?
How It’s All Supposed to Work: Digestion 101
Meanwhile, Farther South
Yikes! What Do I Do?
Chapter 6 • Your Gut and the Immune Connection
The Second Brain?
Chapter 7 • Dietary Fats: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
We Are Creatures of the Ice Age
Chapter 8 • Dispelling the Cholesterol Myth
All Cholesterol Is Exactly the Same
Chapter 9 • Vitamin D: What All da Buzz Is About
The Unfortunate Flaw in Nutrient Research
A Possible Dark Side to the Sunshine Vitamin
Chapter 10 • Making the Omega-3 Fatty Acids Connection
Just What Is Omega-3 Fatty Acid, and What Makes It So Important?
If We Used to Get So Much Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Where Did It All Go?
Other Important Essential Fatty Acid Considerations
Chapter 11 • The Tyranny of Trans Fats
Don’t Get Greased by Vegetable Oils
Chapter 12 • So, How Much Natural Fat Do I Need, Anyway?
What about Ketosis?
Chapter 13 • Carbohydrate Metabolism 101
The Relationship between Insulin and Blood Sugar
The Need for Steady Fuel
What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate
Chapter 14 • Leptin: The Lord and Master of Your Hormonal Kingdom
Who Knew the New Kid on the Block Ran the Whole Neighborhood?
How Do I Know if I Am Leptin Resistant?
Chapter 15 • Weight Management 101 and the Path to Type 2 Diabetes
The Downward Spiral
Hint: Osteoporosis Isn’t Necessarily about Low Calcium Levels
The Solution?
In a Nutshell . . .
Overcoming Weight-Loss Myths
Fats and Carbs Together: A Bad Combo
The Slippery Slope
Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work
The Hidden (and Not-So-Hidden) Ravages of Blood Sugar Dysregulation
But What about Exercise? Won’t That Make Up for It?
Chapter 16 • Taming the Carb-craving Monster
Eleven More Reasons to Cut the Carbs (If You Aren’t Already Convinced)
Why You Shouldn’t Use the Glycemic Index as Your Guide
Chapter 17 • High Fructose Corn Syrup: A Sticky Wicket Best Avoided
What about Artificial Sweeteners?
The Agave Myth
Chapter 18 • What about Fiber as an Essential Carbohydrate?
What about Juicing: Isn’t That Really Good for You?
Chapter 19 • Adrenal Exhaustion: A Uniquely Modern Epidemic
Examples of Adrenal Stress Index Results
Chapter 20 • A Word about Water
The Myth of “Healthier” Bottled Water— Caveat Emptor
Finding That Happy Medium between Dehydration and Drowning
Chapter 21 • Understanding the Role of Protein
Hot off the Press
But Isn’t Eating Lots of Lean Protein What Our Ancestors Did?
Chapter 22 • Our Primordial Past: Understanding Mother Nature’s Plan and Where We Fit In
The Part That Evolution May Not Have Intended
But Why Does Caloric Restriction Work?
What Do All the Longest-Living Individuals Have in Common?
Chapter 23 • Using Insulin and Leptin to Our Advantage
Is There Any Other Way?
Primal Mind

Chapter 24 • Feeding Your Brain: Why It Matters
Prozac Nation
My Own Clinical Experience
How We Get There in the First Place
The Biology of Belief: The Real “Secret”
Chapter 25 • How Important Is Fat to the Brain?
So, How Important Is Fat to the Health of the Brain?
Chapter 26 • Where Does ADD/ADHD Fit In to All of This?
Other Dietary Considerations
ADD/ADHD, Learning Problems, Behavioral or Mood Disorders, and the Omega-3 Fatty Acids Connection
Memory—Husker Du?
Mineral Deficiencies and Learning, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders
Sources in Food
Chapter 27 • Relief from Anxiety and Depression in Our Uncertain World
Nutrients to Support Depression and Anxiety
So How Does Exercise Fit In to This Equation?
Chapter 28 • What about Food Allergies and Sensitivities?
Chapter 29 • The Impact of Modern Dietary and Environmental Stress on the Brain
Summing It Up
Paradise Lost

Chapter 30 • Surviving in a Modern World
EMF Pollution: The New Tobacco?
What about Detoxification Regimens? Are They a Good Idea?
Steps to Take toward Detoxification
Chapter 31 • What Generation of Pottenger’s Cat Are You?
How Do We Possibly Adapt to What We Face?
How Do We Possibly Overcome This?
The Takeaway Here: Toward a Journey of Self-Empowerment

Appendix A • Where to Start?
Appendix B • Sample Menus
Nutritious Snack Foods (or Quick, Healthy, Small Meals on the Go)
Dessert, Anyone (If You Must)?
Great Healthy Snack Food Recipe
Appendix C • Protein Content in Foods
Protein Content Based on a 3-ounce Serving
Protein Content in Incomplete or Plant Sources of Foods
Appendix D • An Abbreviated Guide to Supplementation
Appendix E • The Weston A. Price Foundation
Appendix F • Pyroluria
Symptoms and Characteristics Commonly Associated with Pyroluria
Appendix G • Paleo/Traditional Diet Resources and Related Websites
Organizations and Laboratories
Products and Supplies
Websites and Links
Appendix H • Recommended Reading
About the Author
About Inner Traditions • Bear & Company
Books of Related Interest

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